For over 25 years, our All-American family has served homeowners, corporate builders and commercial & residential developers to establish flourishing communities across the state of Florida.


In 2019, All-American Shutters & Glass was acquired by Levinson Built to serve the needs of residential, commercial and corporate builders. As a newly restructured division, All-American joins Storm Defense, a retail division for hurricane protection solutions, as subsidiary brands under the Levinson Built umbrella.

Our customer-centric approach empowers you with greater peace of mind to know that your loved ones and physical possessions within your home are secure by ensuring that outside threats remain out.

Through our growth, our mission remains the same: to manufacture and install quality products while delivering outstanding customer service, positioning us as the leader in the hurricane protection Industry.

A home builder solutions provider that specializes in hurricane shutter and glass products for property managers, corporate + commercial builders, and residential developers located in the state of Florida.

A hurricane protection solutions provider that specializes in the development and improvement of homes by using one of the largest collections of standard to luxury storm protection products on the market.


All-American Shutters & Glass was founded in 1996 to provide high quality, reliable hurricane protection to meet the new wind-borne debris code requirements established in Palm Beach County. Initially operated as a “family” business, our managed growth has pushed us to the forefront of the hurricane protection industry.

Although All-American Shutters & Glass was initially established to service the needs of homebuilders, the need for affordable, easy to install hurricane protection was recognized in 2004 as the threat of hurricanes became a reality in Florida. Hurricanes Charley, Jeanne, Francis, Ivan, Katrina, and Wilma were a tremendous wake up call for the state as well as the country.