As an extension of the builder team, our experienced staff and vertically integrated process helps to streamline construction workflow, achieve cost-efficiencies and ensure a timely delivery for the largest of development initiatives. 



Easily scale across project sizes and geographic areas

Centralize resources in a one-stop-shop partner

Trust a dynamic team of industry experts with over 200 years of combined experience

Eliminate product and recommendation bias with robust product collection

Quickly adapt to meet changing timetables and delivery dates

Achieve cost efficiencies through economies of scale

Reduce process defects through transparent, vertically integrated workflow

Rely on protection fiduciaries to ensure maximum safety in everyday life to hurricane conditions


As dedicated support, our operational specialists maintain a purposeful and collaborative relationship with procurement, purchasing and construction leaders on the corporate builder team.

Our proactive processes empower sales administrators to secure master purchase orders and establish an agile bid management system across the mix of online vendor portals. This allows our team to easily estimate project scope, budget and timelines for any size community development project around the state of Florida.


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With warehouse locations in West Palm Beach, Fort Myers and Tampa, our production footprint has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers for hurricane panels and accordions in the United States.

Our large-scale operation allows us to meet the unique needs of the nation’s most prominent corporate builders. With cost efficiency and time effectiveness top-of-mind, our team utilizes a scalable execution process to easily adapt product inventory within tight delivery deadlines.


Over the last 25 years, we have secured wholesale partnerships with the most renowned manufacturers in the Western Hemisphere.

To mention a few of our successful partnerships, we utilize PGT Custom Windows + Doors for impact windows and doors, Nautilus for roll-ups and roll-downs, and Armor Screen for hurricane screens.

These relationships allow us to enhance our product collection, provide families with the best solutions in the industry and balance cost-efficiencies for your budget.



Our experienced team of field managers continually maintain a pulse on the project status for hundreds of home developments across a community portfolio.

Once the project reaches the appropriate stage, our field managers proactively obtain final measurements for any window and entranceway that requires protection.

After the production and delivery of the custom product solutions, our managers oversee the coordination of installation, proof of performance photos, homeowner instruction packets, and final walkthroughs for quality assurance.


We take personal pride in our products, craftsmanship, and the communities of people that we serve. This is why our care continues beyond the completion of the home build project.

Our concierge team provides dedicated access to our corporate partners, property management leaders, and individual homeowners.

In the event of an impending hurricane, we provide storm preparation services in the setup and take down of protective products, such as panels, accordions, and hurricane screens.